Panoramic Banner Gallery

I recently decided to abandon the Oxygen theme for the Cerauno one.  I still think the Oxygen theme looks great, especially when viewed on cell phones.  Unfortunately, without paying $75 a year for fuller control over the template, the column width is limited to 470 pixels when viewed on a computer screen.  As a result, although vertical photos looked fine, horizontal ones were quite small.  This blog is focused as much on photography as it is on travel.  The difference between how horizontal and vertical photos were displayed was starting to bother me.  It was especially disappointing because panoramic photography is one of my specialties.  The horizontal ones simply don’t display well with the default Oxygen theme.

Planes Trains Oxygen Theme 2
Before: Oxygen Theme
Planes Trains New Theme 2
After: Cerauno theme (featured image removed for illustration purposes)

I will miss the panoramic banner images (one displaying at random) that was possible with the Oxygen theme.  On the other hand, a large featured image will be featured instead with each article (I beg your patience while I go back and change the already-posted articles to this format).

Here’s the full panoramic banner collection.  Except for the lightning one, all are true panoramas stitched from at least three separate photographs rather than simply cropped to a 3:1 aspect ratio.  A future post will explore the art of panoramic photography.

OBX banner

Nevado Verónica Banner

Machu Picchu Banner

Florence BannerChillon BannerHavre de Grace BannerRed Rock Canyon BannerCrater Lake BannerMt Adams BannerAvalanche Lake BannerZurich BannerSugarloaf Banner

Himeji Banner TextNagano Banner SmallJefferson Banner White 3


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