Vancouver Gallery

My parents and I arrived in Vancouver on Via’s Canadian the gloomy morning of Wednesday, October 22, 2014.  The city is the largest in western Canada.  I didn’t have any grand adventures in Vancouver but in the interest of completeness, I thought I would present a gallery of photos from the day.

20 Stanley Park
Stanley Park and English Bay

Our hotel was located near Stanley Park.  After we dropped off our luggage, we went for a walk on the walking path ringing the waterfront there.  Larger than New York’s Central Park, Stanley Park occupies the land between English Bay and Vancouver Harbour northwest of downtown.

20a Stanley Park
Stanley Park walking path
21 Pacific Basin
Ship anchored in English Bay
22 Siwash Rock
A cormorant drying its wings atop Siwash Rock
22a Siwash Rock
Siwash Rock
23 Lions Gate
The Lions Gate Bridge connects Vancouver with North Vancouver
24 Devonian Harbour Park
Statue in Devonian Harbour Park, near Stanley Park

After lunch, I took a walk to the area around Vancouver Harbour.  In addition to the busy port, there is a sizable seaplane operation there, including a floating gas station.  I eventually met my parents in Gastown.  Although my father asked me to meet him at the Gastown Steam Clock, Vancouver’s most famous landmark, it turned out this wouldn’t be possible…

25 Seaplanes
Seaplane dock in Vancouver Harbour
Sculpture named The Drop at the Vancouver Convention Centre
27 Canada Place
Canada Place
28 Vancouver harbor
Vancouver Harbour
29 Vancouver
Vancouver skyline in HDR
30 Vancouver
Vancouver in HDR, including some Gastown buildings
31 Cranes
Cranes along Vancouver Harbour
32 Vintage Vancouver
Gastown, a particularly historic part of Vancouver.  The 1887 date indicates it was built after the 1886 conflagration that destroyed most buildings in Vancouver.
Statue of John Deighton, aka “Gassy Jack”. The nickname was allegedly because he had a reputation for being a motormouth, not flatulence.

I searched around for the Gastown Steam Clock, before noticing that it was missing.  Oh well.  To paraphrase what Brooklyn Dodgers fans always said when they lost to the Yankees, “Wait ’till next visit…”

Well this is disappointing…

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