Lowell on the shores of the Caribbean, Vieques PR
Lowell on the shores of the Caribbean, Vieques, Puerto Rico.  Rachel Pulverman photography, 2015

I have vaguely fond memories of travels with my family as a child and recent college graduate, but I didn’t truly discover my love of travel until 2010 when I planned and executed my first solo trip to Europe.  Determining the route and what to do turned out to be a lot of the fun.  Since then I’ve tried to make the best use of my time off from work to visit new places and personal experiences.  I had a somewhat risk-adverse upbringing, ironic considering that I became a volunteer firefighter and part-time EMT after college.  The silver lining to that is that I’m always managing some new experience on my travels, mostly with the prodding of my more adventurous fiancée wife and occasional copy editor, Rachel.  From the satisfying if unremarkable hobby of hiking I’ve recently broadened my horizons to experience kayaking, rock climbing, snorkeling, horseback riding, and whitewater rafting.  Travel is also the way I develop my photography skills, seeing as my home base of Delaware is not the most photogenic place on Earth.

I use and enjoy almost all methods of transport available: Planes, trains, ferries, even buses.  Cars…well, I’ll use them gladly if there’s a good reason to, like driving the Going to the Sun Road or Icefields Parkway, and grudgingly when there just aren’t alternative modes of transit available.  Recently I’ve been paying more attention to ways to stretch the dollars I have for travel by keeping my eyes peeled for airfare deals and accumulating points, though I don’t think I will be following in the footsteps of the credit card churning crowd anytime soon.


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