Great Rail Journeys

As the son of a career railroader, I have a soft spot for traveling by train.  Here are a number of series about long-distance rail journeys I’ve taken in recent years.


Amtrak Journeys

Amtrak’s Coast Starlight: Los Angeles, CA to Klamath Falls, OR

Amtrak’s Capitol Limited: Part I (Chicago through Ohio)

Amtrak’s Capitol Limited: Part II (Pennsylvania to DC)


Via Rail Canada’s Canadian

Introduction to Via Rail’s Canadian

Night of Departure and Day One (Across Ontario by Train)

Day Two (Three Hours at The Forks in Winnipeg, Manitoba)

Day Two (Across the Prairies of Manitoba and Saskatchewan)

Day Three (Across Alberta by Train: Edmonton to Jasper)

Day Three—journey resumed after stopover in Canadian Rockies—and Day Four (Across British Columbia by Train: Jasper (Alberta) to Vancouver)


PeruRail’s Andean Explorer

PeruRail’s Andean Explorer: Part I (Puno to La Raya Pass)

PeruRail’s Andean Explorer: Part II (La Raya Pass to Cusco)